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The Beefy Boys family has grown rapidly over the years. What started as 4 guys in the kitchen and 4 staff out front has reached 120 FOH staff, almost 100 BOH staff and an event team of 20.

We offer a wide range of roles and there is plenty of room to grow in a fun and social environment.

We look for staff that are keen to grow within the industry and fund industry recognised training courses and the chance to train across all sites.

We want all of our staff to be the very best at what they do and will help them along the way!

We offer competitive rates of pay, a full share of tronc as well as many other benefits.


My beefy Boys story began in the summer of 2019, I was 15, a year 10 looking for a week of work experience.

I feel as though I picked up the reins of the occupation quite quickly. A week later I was offered a weekend job at one of the most popular restaurants in Hereford. I very soon after went into working full time at The Beefy Boys and have worked for them ever since. I was given the role of ‘Supervisor’ and this is where I knew I could potentially go places with this.

Now, we’re almost 5 years down the line of working for such a great company, which I have seen grow into one of the best independent businesses. I am now a shift manager, learning to cash up and running my own shifts.

The Beefy Boys have allowed me to have some great experience behind the bar, including coffee and cocktails. I have been in the kitchen a few times learning how to build the burgers across the different restaurants and I have even learnt how to ‘smash my own patty’.

Since working at The Beefy Boys, I believe my confidence has boosted so hugely. I am able to speak to whoever I want freely due to seeing so many people a day. Everyone is so friendly to work with, and I feel my colleagues are more like family members to me.

I am excited to see what the next few years will bring. I would love to see myself continuing working at many different events, also at the other branches and one day possibly even running my own.